About Kingsawin

What is a Shipwright?

shipwright is a person who builds or repairs ships as a career; an artisan skilled in one or more of the tasks required to build vessels.

What is Chipwright?

Chipwright is a business owned and operated by shipwright James Kingsawin Reed, a boat builder who specializes in repairing fiberglass, awlgrip and gel coat and light carpentry.

My name is James Kingsawin Reed.  I am a  4th Generation Shipwright and Artist raised and trained in the Pacific Northwest.   I am a Native American from the Tlingit Tribe who are the people of the tides.  I come from Southeast Alaska, where for generations, our indigenous people have existed as mariners and canoe travelers, fishermen, hunters, gatherers, and traders.  It was only natural for me to become a shipbuilder.  Our Tribe has a rich heritage as craftsman and artists.

I work as an independent boat building contractor and studied boat building at Bates Vocational College in Tacoma Washington  where I received a degree in Boat Building.  I also have an associates degree from Northwest Indian College in Bellingham, Washington.

I have lived on a sailboat for over twenty years.  SpiritHawk is a beautiful wooden Pacific Northwest Schooner that I rescued and rebuilt.  She is currently undergoing a refit as I am getting her ready to sail the Caribbean next year.  You can follow the refitting process on facebook @sailingspirithawk at www.facebook.com/sailingspirithawk