Tlingit Art By Native Alaskan Artist Kingsawin

Who is the Artist Kingsawin?

James Charles Reed is a 4th generation artist, shipwright and Native Alaskan of the Tlingit People from the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America.  Follow James Reed, or Kingsawin as he is known by his Indian name,  an emerging Certified Tlingit Haida Tribal Artist as he retires from his 30 year boat building career.   He operated under the business name Chipwright and is now be creating art under the DBA Kingsawin Designs™.   You can purchase Kingsawin Designs through our Etsy Shop, called A Pony On My Boat or some of our most popular kimonos, dusters and leggings directly in our own Kingsawin Designs online store – click here. Kingsawin comes from a long line of Artisans. He is one of the grandchildren of Tlingit Totem Pole Carver and Shipbuilder Charles Brown whose totem poles you may have seen in Ketchikan, and Saxman Village, in Alaska where the Brown family is from.  His Great Grandfather William Brown was a Tlingit Chief, a renowned Ship Builder and worked on the CC Totem Park Projects as well. For The Tlingit people art is a way of life. Click here to read more about Kingsawin and his heritage on our About Page.  

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Kingsawin Designs – Formerly Chipwright

For more than thirty years Chipwright was a fully insured business owned and operated by shipwright James Reed, a boat builder, who specialized in repairing fiberglass, awlgrip, gel coat and light carpentry.   Starting in 2021 the only boat that Kingsawin is working on is his own, a 1972 Pacific Northwest Wood Schooner named SpiritHawk. Read more on About Us.

What is a Shipwright?

A Shipwright is a person who went to school to learn to build boats and ships, apprenticed as a shipwright and made building and working on boats his career.  Essentially, a shipwright is a carpenter skilled in boat construction and repair.

What is the Crypto Native Art Collective™?

The Crypto Native Art Collective was founded in 2021 by Kingsawin and his wife, Sheree Lincoln, who is an artist and web designer. It is a Crypto NFT project in progress . The goal of this project is to make an art collective created to honor our Ancestors by building an online digital gallery for what has traditionally been called Native American Art through the power of a collective for emerging and established North American Indigenous Artists expressing the Soul of Indian Country…and weaving it into the World Wide Web. Learn more at


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We currently have a full line of Pacific Northwest Designs on clothing and accessories featured in our Etsy Store: A Pony on My Boat. All of the traditional formline art designs, created by Kingsawin a certified Tlingit Haida Artist, featured in our Etsy Shop are hand sewn and printed by our production partner, Art of Where, in Montreal, Canada. We have an entire new line, coming soon, from a printing partner in the United States with our own Shopify Store. We love Etsy and support you continuing to shop there, however we share a percentage with them and are transitioning to having exclusive designs here on our own website! Visit our Kingsawin Designs at A Pony on My Boat Etsy Shop – click here or on the graphic above..


My name is James  Reed.  I am a  4th Generation Shipwright and Indigenous Artist raised and trained in the Pacific Northwest. “I am Kingsawin” of the Tongass Tribe of the Tlingit People.  Our people originally came from Tongans Island and later moved to Ketchikan and Saxman Village. We are known as The People of the Tides a canoe culture of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America.  Gunalchéesh for visiting my website!

I am from the Eagle Moiety and Bear Clan of Neix.ádi  Clan (Eagle/Beaver/Halibut) .  I come from Southeast Alaska, where for generations, our indigenous people have existed as mariners and canoe travelers, fishermen, hunters, gatherers, and traders. It was only natural for me to become a shipbuilder and artist like my Grandfather, Master Carver, Shipwright and Artisan, Charles “Charlie” Brown who was one of the master carvers of the totem poles in Saxman Village and at Tote, Bight State Park in Ketchikan, Alaska.   My Great Grandfather William Brown, one of the last of the Tlingit Chiefs from Tongass Island,  and he and Carver James Starrish also helped lead this great project to save the totem poles around Alaska.

Our Tribe has a rich heritage as craftsman and artists. Like my grandfather I studied boat building at Bates Vocational College in Tacoma Washington, where I received a certification in Boat Building.  I also taught boat building at Northwest Indian College at the Lumi Nation for two years after receiving my associates degree.

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I have lived on my sailboat, SV SpiritHawk for over twenty years.  SpiritHawk is a beautiful wooden 1972 Pacific Northwest Schooner that I rescued from a boatyard in Seattle and rebuilt.  She is currently undergoing a second refit and repair, with upgrades, as I am getting her ready to sail the Florida Keys and the Bahamas next year.  You can follow the refitting process on facebook @sailingspirithawk at

Our Etsy Shop Kingsawin Designs for A Pony on My Boat

I am often asked how I came to be known as Kingsawin.  Our people are part of a matriarchal society.  My Grandmother  Margaret gave me my Indian name, Kingsawin, which I use as my artist name.  It was my Great Uncle’s Charles Indian name and I consider it a great  honor for me travel received this name. I am not the only grand child of Charles Brown as I have 3 siblings and have  5 first cousins living today, as I write this in 2022, along along with his great and great great grandchildren.

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2020 was an interesting year with the Pandemic. I decided to put the Formline Eagle, Owl and Raven designs, that I had done as studies in a formline class. on Facemasks. We had so much fun designing them and many people enjoyed where a piece of art during this difficult pandemic time.  In the process of creating the face masks, to sell in our Etsy Shop, we realized how many of our creative works could lend themselves to clothing.  My wife, Sheree Lincoln, and I started adding more art including prints, posters and active wear clothing to our spirit and totem animal collections.  You can now purchase Kimonos, beanies, buffs, leggings and more featuring my art. We are thankful to the Great Mother for this opportunity and look forward to adding more designs.  I am excited to introduce a line of jewelry and sculptures  in 2023. We will post more about that in the near future. You may purchase my art on clothing and accessories in ourA Pony On Our Boat Etsy Shop for Kingsawin Designs – click here or in our own Kingsawin Designs Online Store  where we feature some of our favorite designs.

The Crypto Native Art Collective for NFT’s

Part of my plan as an emerging artist is to create a collective of Crypto NFT Art of North American Indigenous Artists as well as a project to benefit other Native Alaskan Artists and Tlingit Carvers  in honor of my Grandfather Master Carver Charles Brown.  Learn more about the Crypto Native Art Collective™ at

Gunalchéesh *,


*Gunascheesh Definition: Thank You in Tlingit or Lingut as our language is known.
*Kootéeyaa : totem pole in Tlingit.